Pig & Hen

Pig & Hen 'Franky' Bracelet in Ivory + Gold


Franky is the life and soul of any party. Catching the eye of many because of her wild and outgoing personality. She is a troublemaker who thinks the rules never apply to her and doesn't care for other people's opinions. Franky has a brand new user-friendly clasp. Now you don't have to unlock the pin, but can easily put the rope on and off in the opening of the clasp. The Franky is a bit narrower than the Vicious Vik from the men's collection. Perfect for the more refined look.

Made in Amsterdam.

Size Guide:

XXS = 14 cm wrist size

XS = 15 cm wrist size

S = 16 cm wrist size (average women's size)

S/M = 17 cm wrist size

M = 18 cm wrist size (average men's size)

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