Make Me Iconic

Make Me Iconic Tea Set Extension Kit


Just like the classic tea set, this kit is designed to be a beautiful addition to any play space, with neutral wood tones that both boys and girls will love.

Remember — a good host should always serve others first, and offer the best bickies to their guests. Making your friends feel loved is better than any jam-filled treat! Now pop on the kettle Darl, I think it’s the perfect time for some tea!

Complete with 2 x Cups & Saucers, 2 x Spoons, 1 x Plate, 6 x Tea Bags in a display box, Lemon Wedge, Mint Wedge, Orange Wedge, Tongs, Menu Card, 2 x Cookies, Milk Carton, Honey and Matcha Tea Jar with Spoon.

Ages 3 years +

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