Luk Lipstick

Luk Lipstick Nourish 'Nude Pink'


Luk Lipstick's are Australian made, 100% natural, toxin-free and cruelty free.

These lipsticks are made with a potent mix of nutrient active ingredients. Food contains active nutrients like antioxidants, vitamins and anti-inflammatories that are essential for our skin, body and mind to operate at optimum levels.

Nude Pink is a sheer to medium buildable coverage in an ever-popular light pink caramel shade. Creme-soft from avocado oil and cocoa butter helps hydrate, nourish and protects.

With subtle flavours from organic cold pressed cinnamon, vanilla and spice oils, this lipstick is tasty with no nasties including no synthetic dyes, synthetic preservative or fragrance.

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