Celia Loves

Celia Loves 'Tuscan Leather' Room Spray 50ml


Smells like Ron Burgundy’s apartment full of leather-bound books and rich mahogany. Don’t be shocked if you spritz some Tuscan Leather and suddenly feel the urge to read the newspaper or play polo. Woody and bold, this scent will make you feel distinguished and worldly. 

Top notes raspberry, saffron, thyme

Heart notes olibanum, geranium, jasmine

Base notes leather, suede, amber, cedarwood, musk

Handcrafted and poured on the Surf Coast of Victoria, our Tuscan Leather room spray balances bold, masculine notes with earthy, spicy bursts. 

Celia Loves triple scented room sprays have been carefully curated to instantly elevate your everyday moments and *seriously* scent your space. Featuring chic vessels and new iconic packaging, they’re a luxe addition to any home (and an epic gift that will get you LOTS of brownie points). 

  • Fragrance bold & earthy
  • Hand-poured on Victoria’s Surf Coast
  • The Best Australian Scented Room Spray 
  • Triple Scented

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