By Charlotte

By Charlotte August Birthstone 'Protect Your Heart' Necklace


August Birthstone - Peridot

Protect your heart with the Lotus birthstone necklace, a tribute to the person you were born to be. Symbolising new beginnings and Enlightenment, allow the Lotus Flower to guide you on a path of purity and infinite potential. As you journey through life, wear the necklace as reminder to embrace the virtues you were meant to share with the world.

Reach for the sun and stars with the Peridot crystal. With its strong connection to the sun, the Peridot will shield your heart against dark and negative energies. The ultimate protection for the adventure seekers of the universe.

Aligning you to your soul's purpose, the necklace is inscribed with your unique mantra, "Protect Your Heart".

Available in sterling silver and 18k Gold Vermeil. Choose your option in the dropdown box.

    • Length: 18 inches, adjustable to 16 inches.
    • Battered texture on pendant.
    • Lotus pendant size: 15 x 9mm; set with a 1mm white Cubic Zirconia.
    • Tear drop pendant: 4 x 6mm; set with a white Cubic Zirconia and Peridot.
    • Peridot size: 2mm.

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