By Charlotte

By Charlotte 18k Gold Vermeil Rounded Lotus Locket Necklace


Capture your most cherished memories in this Rounded Lotus Locket Pendant Necklace. This heirloom-inspired rounded shaped pendant features a horizontal hinge, allowing it to open and store the image of a special memory or loved one inside. Crafted with a high polished finish, this pendant has been designed as a keepsake to celebrate the people who make your heart, whole. This timeless piece is adorned with by charlotte's signature lotus motif and beautifully set with a sparkling cubic zirconia stone.

Available in 18k gold vermeil and certified recycled sterling silver.

  • Length: 21 inches, adjustable to 18 or 19 inches.
  • Chain thickness: 1.2mm.
  • Pendant: 16 x 12.5mm.
  • Internal frame size: 13.8 x 10mm. Use this measurement for photo printing.
  • Claw set with cubic zirconia.

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