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via SMiTH Triple Square Spoon Earrings


Fondly described as the ‘spoon’ style earrings. Handmade from 925 sterling silver, 3 tiny squares have been matte plated with 18ct gold vermeil and ‘stacked’ on one side of their main circular shape.

Although not oversized, these front facing earrings have the perfect balance of weight, shape and decoration.

35mm long, 12mm wide

These earrings are handmade from .925 sterling silver and 18ct gold plating at 1 micron thick. Although long lasting, we recommend they avoid chemicals such as soaps/shampoos, lotions/perfume and chlorine water as to prolong the gold layers life.

Cleaning by buffing with the accompaning jewellery cloth will restore their soft lustre.

We recommend cleaning with our included jewellery cloth if they become dull/dark over time due to normal oxidisation. Gentle buffing with regular pencil eraser before polishing will also expedite the cleaning process.

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