via SMiTH

via SMiTH The Void I Pendant Necklace in Sterling Silver


via SMiTH have a few larger pendants in their necklace range – for those who like their jewels a little bolder!

The way they can make these pieces affordable but still substantial is to use voids.  This long oval necklace is the perfect example. A gold vermeil oval frame surrounds a sterling silver angled bottom with the added decoration of fine incised lines. 

Handcrafted, it hangs from a small ‘tube’ connector on a 66cm sterling silver ball chain that can be adjusted in length with its rubber inner slider bead.

  • 29mm long, 14mm wide

All pieces are hand-made to the highest quality. via SMiTH Balinese silver smiths are certified to meet global standards in environmental sustainability and work conditions.

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