via SMiTH

via SMiTH The Oceanic Ring


This ring has one of the most beautiful stone colours – a square cut green topaz. The colour of the ocean on a clear day – it has overtones of rich blue.

Similar to the Citrine ring in size and shape, the Oceanic has a silver band but brass square bezel with fine dots decorating the outline of the stone. Mixes of brass and silver are used in the small squares sitting either side.

Along with Citrine, Green Topaz is associated with the month of November.

  • Bezel: 7.5mm square
  • Citrine gem: 5mm x 5mm
  • Band: 3mm wide

(via SMiTH choose to use yellow brass in their rings, rather than gold plate, because of its longevity. Brass will not colour fade or wear. We encourage our customers to wear their via SMiTH rings everywhere, all the time.)

All pieces are hand-made to the highest quality. via SMiTH Balinese silver smiths are certified to meet global standards in environmental sustainability and work conditions.

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