Bon Lux

Bon Lux 'Woodland' Travel Tin Candle


Woodland - the mysterious place where twigs, bark and leaves mingle. A moody blend of patchouli, lavender and vetiver essential oils. The woodsy notes of this blend seem to speak to people universally; a primal sense of connection to trees and earthiness.

  • 100% cotton lead free single wick
  • 100% sustainable soy wax
  • Unique hand-crafted perfume
  • 6-8hr burn

Tins can be re-lidded and kept safe from dust when not burning. Great for travellers, cheers up a stale room, take your signature scent wherever you go!

Brushed metal tin can be rinsed and re-purposed for hair pins, earrings or nic-nacs when candle is done or recycled in kerb-side recycling.

Made in Melbourne, Australia.

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