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The Somewhere Co 'Spring Fling' 2022 Agenda

$24.95 $49.95

This hardcover agenda has your years, months and weeks covered, and is bound to be the envy of your not-so-organised friends!

Along with your usual yearly, monthly and weekly spreads, thw 2022 hardcover agendas feature quote pages, yearly and monthly budget trackers, yearly and monthly goal setting pages, along with staple pages for important dates, notes and contacts. 

These agendas are designed to be the perfect on-the-go and desk companion. Its compact size, light weight (just over 500g), hard cover and elastic book band closure mean you can easily throw it in your bag and take it wherever you need.

They also lay flat on your desk - because we know how annoying it is when pages flip up on you!

Crafted by Victorian artist Amy Gibbs, Spring Fling is centred around native Australian plants from the tropical climate up north. This print features hibiscus, maiden hair fern, waratah, banksia, callistemon, eucalyptus and grevillia.

With rose gold foil detailing, a ribbon tab and elastic band to keep everything together, this agenda will have you ready to take the year head on in style. Let's hope it's the year we can actually go somewhere!

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