Tactica Gear

Tactica M110 Bike Multitool in Yellow


The M110 is equipped with tire levers for when you need to change your tires when you’re out and about. Super-strong and anti-scratch to prevent accidental damage to your bike frame. Attached to the Tactica flagship M100 multitool for maximum functionality.

With a non-scratch surface and weighing in at only 45 grams, the M110 is made for the weight-conscious cyclist. Leave the bulky kit behind and set off with confidence.


  • Bottle opener
  • Hight torque socket 
  • Package opener
  • Universal wrench 
  • Secure storage chamber 
  • Heavy duty socket 
  • Magnetic retention 
  • Metric + imperial ruler 
  • Tire lever
  • Magnetic attachment 

Designed in Melbourne

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