Salisbury Grange

Salisbury Grange 'The Bee Project'


Bees have been declining in rapid numbers over the last decade, because the modern world has become inhospitable to them. But one of the easiest ways to make a difference is for us to grow bee-friendly flowers, AKA their food, across our streets and suburbs.

The Bee Project can be done by parents + kids, grandparents + grandkids, teachers + students. It's also great for the person who has a bee hive, or is looking to get a bee hive in the future. The more of us growing bee gardens, the better.

The online tutorial covers how a garden on a balcony, in a backyard or school field with lots of bees, butterflies and other beneficial pollinators buzzing through the blooms. Videos include: what materials to use, how to plant seeds, how much to water and how to manage garden visitors (like possums!)

If you’re looking for a little help to start that bee-friendly garden, or you want to give the gift of a fun gardening project to the nature lover in your life, this is for you!

Includes 4 seed packets and online tutorial inside the box.

Set Up: Can be done on a balcony or backyard, school field or office using a garden bed or pots.

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