Saide 'Sea Salt + Sage' Botanical Room Spray


Bring the beach to your home; a soft and fresh fragrance with a sea-side feel. Combination of Oud, sea salt, sage, fir needle + bergamot. 

Inspired by the 70's; we have created a relaxed, earthy, coastal-boho style room spray. Triple scented, highly fragranced spray, simply spritz in the centre of your room with two pumps and quickly your space smells ahh-mazing.

Perfect for every room in the house; we particularly love them in our lounge, bedroom + bathroom. Perfect for a quick refresh when guests come over! Also a great spray to take while travelling to freshen up your accommodation!

This is a high quality perfume grade room spray that can also be used as a linen and body spray. 

Hand made in Melbourne

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