Musings from the Moon

Musings from the Moon 'A Year of Coming Home A Guided Self-Love Journal'


A Year of Coming Home is a guided weekly journal that inspires slowing down and self-care to awaken your spirit.

Let this journal hold you exactly as you are. Let it slowly guide you to come home to this moment, come home to your body, and come home to the love that is alive within you. Let your beautiful journey begin... 

  • Intro Guide with gentle suggestions to help you get the most out of your journal experience.
  • No set-dates so you can come and go as you like.
  • Weekly Spreads to set meaningful intentions and goals, practice gratitude and prioritise self-love.
  • Daily Spread for whatever inspires you each week: Affirmations, To-Do's, Goals, Loving Actions...
  • Weekly Inspiration: A weekly page with a meditation, slow ritual, self-reflection prompts or colouring page.
  • Weekly Reflection Pages with prompts that change each week.
  • Weekly Prose or Affirmation written by Jenna.
  • Monthly Self Expression Pages where you can write, draw, dream, unravel...
  • Yearly Reflection Pages to explore your favourite moments and what you've learnt as well as your goals, dreams and intentions for the following year.
  • A Space for Notes at the back. 

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