La Luna Rose

La Luna Rose 'St. John - Patron Saint of Love + Friendships' Pendant in Silver


St. John is the Patron Saint of love, loyalty and friendships and we're keeping him pretty close to our hearts!

An extremely loyal and loving man, St John's legend is that he would do anything for his friends. He was a huge believer and teacher of love, loyalty, friendships and relationships.

This pendant is to celebrate those extra special friendships, and for those who you would do absolutely anything for. Special relationships are something to cherish beyond any word or action and by wearing the St. John pendant, helps to remind us of what really matters most.

  • Chain length measures approx 18", 20" or 23"
  • Second loop 1" shorter so that you can layer to perfection
  • Made from solid .925 Recycled Sterling Silver
  • Pendant measures approx 18mm x 18mm

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