Hunter Lab

Hunter Lab Natural Deodorant


A natural roll on deodorant crafted with coconut and jojoba oils and shea butter to form a protective layer and help absorb sweat and neutralise odour. Aluminium and alcohol free.

There is a transitional period when introducing a natural deodorant into your armoury. You may find yourself perspiring more than usual for a week or two as the body releases built up toxins. Once this process is complete, the body will re-balance and you will perspire less. You may also notice clearer, healthier skin overall as the natural detoxification process is working as it should.

Apply to clean, dry underarms in the morning, and again in the afternoon as needed.

Place and hold Deodorant under armpit for 10 seconds, then apply with one swipe down and up. Only a small amount is required. Ensure skin is dry prior to application.

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