Halcyon Nights

Halcyon Nights Katt Sleeping Bag


GOT certified Organic cotton (with elastane mix) for comfort stretch.

Soothe your baby and promote sleep by swaddling with our cloud sleeping bag. Can be used as a swaddle then progress to sleeping bag by using press stud arm holes. Double zip for easy nappy change. Helps keep your babies temperature constant while sleeping. 

The sleeping bag also promotes healthy hip rotation in infants. The legs should be able to bend up and out at the hips. This position allows for natural development of the hip joints.

1 Tog. Should be used as a swaddle until baby can rollover. Once baby can roll over arms should be out for safe sleeping.


0-3  Months Body Length 58 cm. Chest 22 cm.  3 - 7 kg. 

3 - 9 Months Body Length 75 cm. Chest 24.5 cm. 5 - 8.5 kg.

Adventurous Kitty kats prance, basking in the sun, hand illustrated by Linnea Teljas Puranen.

Halcyon Nights sleeping bags are labelled as 'High Fire danger'. This labelling complies with the standards set by Consumer Goods Safety Standards 2017 Australia. Most sleeping bags are classified as 'category 4' and MUST carry the high fire danger labels if they have arm holes or sleeves.

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