Flock Curiosity Assembly

Flock Frill Link Necklace


Each necklace is a one of kind, all individually handmade components from start to assembly, curated by Flock to complete a very special unique piece for one lucky fashionista!

It is as light as statement necklaces come and a statement it is! Bold and Bright, perfect for isolation, supermarket visits and local neighbourhood strolls, not to mention that moment we are all looking forward too when we get to leave our homes and socialise!


  • Materials Resin
  • Size Approx 110-112cm in length, 7cm at the widest point

Disclaimer: Each necklace is different in shape and colour ~ the image provided is to give you an an idea of the different colours and shapes available.

Contact us on Instagram or email Kate at info@quirkcollective.com.au for a photo of the different colours we have available in stock.

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