Bon Lux

Bon Lux 'Smudge' Room/Fabric Spray 100ml Bottle


A natural fabric freshener and room spray blending essential oils of White sage with lavender  and cedarwood for a beautifully scented multi-purpose natural freshener. 

For re-setting the mood, spray around the room instead of burning a smudge stick in homes with smoke detectors!

Useful for freshening coats, couches, shoes and bags, as well as a general room refresher, for home, office or the car.


Shake well, spray in a stuffy room on soft furnishings, spritz a stale coat, or tired jeans. the blend of sage and  herbs freshens fabrics and neutralises odours. Patch test an inconspicuous area before liberally spraying, as essential oils can stain light fabrics.


Essential oils of white sage, lavender, cedarwood, distilled water + alcohol.

Made in Melbourne, Australia.

Vegan, no palm oil, please recycle the bottle!

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