Bianca Cash

Bianca Cash 'The Datekeeper'

$25 $50

Datekeeper, memory holder, daily organiser, diary!

Favourite features:

  • Begins 29th November 2021 - so you can start using it when you receive it!
  • Equal space for weekdays and weekends
  • Two colourful sticker sheets 
  • Packaged in a hardcover soft touch box
  • Paper pocket (located inside the back cover) to store stickers, receipts, notes and other paper bits and pieces

Other features:

  • Two cream white satin bookmarker
  • Head and tail bands
  • Weekly overview 
  • Weekly ‘to do list’ section
  • Weekly ‘three things I’m thankful for’ section
  • Handwritten details for holidays, encouraging notes
  • Yearly overview for both 2022 and 2023
  • Monthly overview
  • Holiday Dates for AU, UK, USA, NZ, Singapore & Canada
  • Australian School Term Dates
  • 14 pages for notes 


  • 19cm x 13cm 
  • 335grams - super lightweight!
  • 164 pages


Moss - Yes, you're probably thinking, 'isn't this the same colour as 2021 Eucalyptus?' Well.. almost. This pretty green is a custom dyed cloth and is ever so slightly different to Eucalyptus. A tad lighter. A tad more yellow in the lush green mix. If you loved Eucalyptus, you will love her fraternal twin Moss.

Sandalwood -  A newbie for 2022! Not quite mustard, not quite wheat. Suited for those who love a 'slightly more interesting neutral'.

Dusty Rose - She's another brand new babe on the block. Pretty, dreamy, rosy. A pink lovers dream. A pink I've wanted to have available for the past several years. She's finally here! 

Oatmeal Linen - Beloved Oaty is back for her third year. She is rustic yet sensible. If you worry about getting a clothbound diary dirty, Oatmeal is perfect for you - she'll hide grubbiness in the glorious speckle. 

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